How It Works



  1. Create your loan online application

You need to register and then log in with your "username" and "password".

Once logged into your account; in the left column is a "bank account" where you will need to enter your account number (IBAN), bank code, bank name and the account holder's name.


After inputting your account details, click on "Loan demand" and fill in the appropriate fields: Type of Loan (e.g. consumer loan, car loan, loan to repay another loan and so on); Loan Amount; Loan Term; Loan Purpose (for example: I need a loan to repay a bank loan with a 28% per annum rate, I have a stable job, I work at "ABC Ltd", etc.); Your Monthly Income and Current Employment. It is desirable to upload all supporting documents with all the necessary information.


While filling out a loan application take into consideration that the lender will evaluate the risks based on the information you have provided and lend you money as a result.

Also, the more precise the information provided, the lower the interest rate.

Your personal information will only be visible to existing investors, registered under “PirDaPir”’s  strictly enforced criteria.

  1. Obtain terms from "PirDaPir"

Your application will be considered by "PirDaPir”’s experts and any respective interest rate and credit rating will be defined by said experts. Your loan’s interest rate depends on the following factors:

  • The requested loan amount
  • Requested loan term
  • The borrower's credit history
  • The volume and quality of information provided by the applicant
  • The accuracy of the information provided in the loan application
  1. Receive funding from investors!

After obtaining your interest rate and credit rating from “PirDaPir” you may accept or reject the loan application. Once you have consented, the application will be displayed on a list along with other loans, at which point investors will be able to offer funding within 5 days. If a loan receives more than 70% funding during this period, application will stay on the platform for another 5 days.

Financing for the loan may be provided anytime during the initial 5 day posting. The loan may only be transferred to the Borrower’s account once it has received 100% funding, and should be available the following banking day.